For Teachers, Students and Parents

NEA Advocating for Change, Getting Serious about Teacher Burnout
“As staff shortages deepen across the country and workload increases, more educators are feeling burned out and demoralized.
Research shows that school leaders who protect teachers’ time, invite their input, and support their mental health and well-being through comprehensive programs see higher levels of satisfaction.”

Practical mindfulness self-care skills can support a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Emotions for Teachers, Students and Parents

Teachers, students and parents can learn to
Promote resilience, manage stress, cultivate compassion and practice self care of mind, body and emotions

Mindfulness for Teachers-
Seven Ways Mindfulness Can Help Teachers
Mindfulness training can help teachers:
– Understand their own emotions better
– Communicate more effectively with students
– Better manage students that teachers find difficult
– Create a positive learning environment
– Strengthen relationships with students
– Slow down when they need to
– Build community
Mindfulness training can help teachers:
– Prevent job burnout
– Model healthful behaviors for your students
– Reclaim the joy and passion for teaching as a career

Mindfulness Training Can Help Parents-
– Manage the stress of parenting
– Prevent burnout from parenting and care-giving
– Model healthful behaviors for your children
– Reclaim the joy and passion of parenting
6 Mindfulness activities you can do as a family

Mindfulness Training Can Help Students
– Develop an enhanced self image
– Acquire healthy stress management habits
– Learn self care approaches to common mental, emotional and physical conditions
– Prevent and stop substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs
– Shift daily habits toward healthy nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being

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