For Medical Students


Medical education can be isolating and even diminish the very qualities that we seek in a caring, humane, compassionate physician.

Efforts nationwide to address the stress, competition and dehumanization too often experienced by physicians in training are underway at most several US medical schools.

For 25 years, Dr Patterson has taught such elective courses in the UK College of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine and the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Participation in such courses has been shown to reduce medical student anxiety (including test anxiety), depression, isolation and competitiveness.

These courses often create an increased sense of self awareness, improved quality of relationships with peers, increased emotional well-being and more success maintaining self care behaviors, including physical activity and healthy nutrition. Courses taught include The Healer’s Art (Reclaiming the Heart in Medicine), Medical Synthesis (Mind, Body Spirit, Environment), and Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.