Discover the Power of Mindfulness to Heal the Mind and Body

Mindful, Empowered Self-Care is the Heart of Healing
Slowing down, relaxing the body, quieting the mind, opening the heart


Mind Body Studio

The Mind Body Studio is a wellness and health education service of John A. Patterson MD, MSPH, FAAFP, ABIHM located in Lexington, KY. This is John’s second career after years of family medicine in Irvine KY (Estill County).

Dr. Patterson offers experiential consultations and classes for persons with stress-related chronic conditions and burnout prevention for health professionals, teachers, businesses, faith communities and non-profits- emphasizing a mindfulness-based approach to promoting resilience, managing stress, preventing burnout and cultivating compassion

Meet Dr. Patterson

Dr Patterson offers experiential health and wellness education in group classes and private consultations, using a mindfulness based model for promoting resilience, managing stress, preventing burnout and cultivating compassion. Your birthright as a human being includes inner resources and natural healing by integrating mind, body, spirit, our relationships in community and the environment. Read More ›


Our breath has the dual nature of being regulated by both voluntary and involuntary mechanisms. We really take the involuntary, automatic quality of the breath for granted. Thank goodness we don’t have to remember to breathe each breath.

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Journal writing is a simple, inexpensive, convenient form of self-care. Research shows that emotionally expressive journal writing can lower high blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, asthma severity and cancer pain, promote wound healing and enhance immune function in HIV/AIDS.

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The presence of oral disease and dental disorders can cause stress from low self-image, which can have a negative effect on well-being and personal happiness. Stress, chronic anxiety and depression can lead to self-neglect, including neglect of dental hygiene.

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